-   ABOUT US  -

Food is our Passion and our Art is the production of high quality authentic Nigerian oriented recipe kits, ready meals, prepared ingredients and cooking and eating sauces. The purpose of our venture is to improve family life. Taking the fuss and stress out of cooking meals leaving you with just the relaxed and pleasurable experience of eating. 



......are a team of food lovers that have turned their passion into a profession. We are called Native Chefs because we are indigenes that specialize in Native indigenous Nigerian food. As mothers and homemakers, businesswoman, community builders we know what it takes to hold it all together. It's our experience and that of other women that spurred the birth of this venture. Time, they say is money and it's our life, so why waste it over a stove. We love what we do and earn doing it so we would always do our best because it's our way of life.  


Ready 2 Cook

Our Recipe kits reduce prep and cooking times drastically, requires little or no effort and anyone can use them to get that Native Home-style Goodness. Our kits are from real food with no preservatives, added colour, sugar or flavours. We are also very health conscious and this reflects in our ingredients selection. We prepare with little Himalayan salt, little or no oil and use top quality ingredients direct from the source. Nature they say is a bit rough around the edges, we are more about what's in the bag than what the bag looks like.




Ready 2 Eat 

When planning your perfect day, look no further than us. Though we are not a Restaurant we deliver Premium Homestyle, delicately crafted, beautiful to eat Delicacies that will fit nicely into any plan you have for the day especially when time is not so friendly. We cook your meals in a home style kitchen using one of the best cooking appliances to achieve authentic, tasty and healthy meals.Food lovers! Adventurous diners beware because you are about to be wowed ...you're in for a tasty surprise. We make everything you eat count towards your well-being.